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Murrells Inlet ~ An Historic Community

13 Nov 2015
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Vacation home owners on the Grand Strand are uniquely positioned to enjoy a variety of coastal living. Just a few miles south of the Garden City/Surfside Beach communities is Murrells Inlet. This historic area of the Carolina coast has attracted visitors from around the world for centuries, and continues to thrive as a Lowcountry niche community. Though tourism is its main industry today, Murrells Inlet’s past is checkered with the exploits of pirates, plantations, explorers & adventurers.

Spanish sailors were the first to rediscover the inlet that had been home to several Native American tribes. These 16th century pioneers made their way down the East coast of the continent, all the way to the Bahamian islands. Yet something attracted them to what would become the Murrells Inlet area, and many would follow. Later, pirates loved the area for the clandestine salt marshes, where they hid & waited to plunder exporting ships on their way to England. These ships carried cotton, dyes and especially rice, the main cash crop of the Lowcountry.

Rice plantations were the dominant sources of commerce in the area; the owners’ wealth far surpassed that of the famed cotton barons of the American Southeast. This era brought many to the area, and even after the Civil War (and the beginning decline of the rice plantations) visitors flocked to the inlet because of its beauty and seclusion. A train to Georgetown would lead folks to a steamboat at Wachesaw. Then a buggy ride to a rustic getaway began a legacy of rich memories that continue today as people keep coming back to the Lowcountry.

These days, visitors to Murrells Inlet come for the local culture, an authentic Southern experience. The tourism industry, which is steeped in coastal fishing expeditions, thrives today. Fantastic views of the inlet & marshes can be seen from the many great restaurants that dot Hwy 17, and state parks & sculpture gardens are just a few more miles south of the famous eateries. Check out our previous post on Brookgreen Gardens & Huntington Beach State Park for more info on these great getaway spots!

Murrells Inlet is also known for its unique vacation homes, and Beach Realty is proud to offer some fantastic properties in the area. Visit our featured properties page to see some of these great vacation properties. There are so many reasons families choose this special part of the Lowcountry for their South Carolina vacations. Be sure to check back with us for more featured blog posts on our favorite spots to relax, fish, eat & have fun in the beautiful Murrells Inlet community.