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Whether you are looking for an oceanfront home to relax with your family, a professional property management team for your vacation rental, or advice on purchasing and selling a home, Beach Realty has the years of experience, knowledgeable staff, and established reputation in the community to offer you the best services available.

Along with offering the nicest vacation homes along the Grand Strand, we also provide the best and most professional services to our guests, owners, and clients. We built our company on the idea that our guests deserve a relaxing, enjoyable vacation experience and our owners are entitled to dependable, trust-worthy management. Every day, we encourage our staff and affiliates to not only maintain, but constantly improve upon our solid, exceptional reputation in our community.

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Kevin always addressed my questions professionally and in a very timely manner. Working with him was a pleasure and would come with my recommendation.

Derrick M.

Beach Realty

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